waste — 2021

REMAINS is an exhibition of things that continue to exist even after being discarded. The public could visit the installation and browse the virtual collection of the project to learn about the surprising life of waste such as a broken sewing machine, pottery fragment, damaged lobster buoy, lost glove, crooked bicycle wheel, used motorcycle tire, abandoned table legs, crushed teapot, and parts of a dismantled piano.

Ackowledgment: This project would not have been possible without the collaboration of the Halifax Solid Waste Resources Educator, Nova Scotia.


Une exposition présente des déchets pour susciter des réflexions à Halifax
Caroline Lévesque
Radio-Canada — April 13, 2021
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Talking Trash with MFA Student Marie-Soleil Provençal on Earth Day
Jessica Murray
NSCAD University — April 22, 2021
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Trash talk: NSCAD student Marie-Soleil Provençal turns other people’s garbage into art
Hollie Uffindell
Saltwire, Chronicle Herald — April 22, 2021
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Studio core

studio leftovers — 2021

STUDIO CORE is a 5-year material summary of a sculpture practice. It is an ephemeral work made of materials compressed in cylinders similar to geological cores. The cylinders are presented in a wood bed used to display mining samples. It represents, in chronological order, the shift between more than 70 different materials, from traditional materials (such as plaster, clay and wood) to alternative materials (including wood ash, seaweed and eggshells).

Softest bullet

wool / 3 x 3 x 6" — 2021

Life-size bullet made of needle-felted wool. Action movies, child-soldiers, gun legislation, and mass shootings: this work is a study on our love-hate relationship with firearms.

Finalist in sculpture for the 2021 NSCAD Student Art Award.

Legacy of an artist

discarded objects — 2021

LEGACY OF AN ARTIST [Memento Mori] is a series of ephemeral sculptures made with discarded objects collected in the sculpture studio. It follows the tradition of “Vanitas”, still life artwork that includes various symbolic objects such as “Memento Mori”, designed to remind the viewer of their mortality. Visit the research blog of the project to learn more about where those objects are coming from and where they will go.

Ackowledgment: This project would not have been possible without the collaboration of the Halifax Solid Waste Resources Educator, Nova Scotia.


« Unpunctuated » une exposition présentée par des étudiants de NSCAD
Catherine Lévesque
Radio-Canada — January 20, 2021
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Wood ash / 25 x 7 x 3.5 cm — 2020

MATTER is an ephemeral sculpture made of wood ash compressed in the shape of ingots and presented in a sterile environment. It refers to the value of waste materials at a time when resources are scarce and sustainable alternatives must be investigated. It started with the question: what if waste materials were considered valuable?

Work selected in 2021 for the exhibition NSCAD Graduation Showcase by the Anna Leonowens Art Gallery and group exhibition Embodied Futures in Halifax, Nova Scotia.