Marie-Soleil Provençal is interested in the involvement of materials as co-participants in contemporary art practice. Her work addresses the relationships that we have with our surroundings, an eco-system composed of humans and non-humans. She does so by integrating mundane materials such as concrete, matchsticks, hay, and second-hand furniture, into her sculptures and installations. She uses techniques of moulding or assembling to render complex ideas in their simplest form. 


Marie-Soleil Provençal is from Québec, Canada. She completed a Major in Fine Arts with Honours in studio practice at Bishop’s University in Québec and a Master in Fine Arts at NSCAD University in Nova Scotia. She has been a teaching assistant, a technician and an instructor in Visual Arts for the past few years from Québec to Newfoundland. More recently, she worked as a research assistant to explore alternative sustainable materials made from local resources such as seaweed, oyster shell, and wood ash.

PDF version of the CV (updated June 15, 2021)

Instagram: mariesoleilprovencal