Legacy of an artist

discarded objects — 2021

LEGACY OF AN ARTIST [Memento Mori] is a series of ephemeral sculptures made with discarded objects collected in the sculpture studio. It follows the tradition of “Vanitas”, still life artwork that includes various symbolic objects such as “Memento Mori”, designed to remind the viewer of their mortality. Visit the research blog of the project to learn more about where those objects are coming from and where they will go.

Work presented in 2021 for the group exhibition Unpunctuated at the Anna Leonowens Art Gallery.

Acknowledgment: This project would not have been possible without the collaboration of the Halifax Solid Waste Resources Educator, Nova Scotia.


« Unpunctuated » une exposition présentée par des étudiants de NSCAD
Caroline Lévesque
Radio-Canada — January 20, 2021
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